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Good design start by asking the right question » Synestetisk design
november 24, 2009 Off

Good design start by asking the right question

By in Khio

Social design is about that we as designers have a responsibility and are able to cause real change in the world through good design.


Anette Lundeby, Mathilda Tham

Keywords & concepts


Metadesign is more about designing the process rather than the product

Generalist specialist

We have to define what the costumer need

Develop tools for analyses

Develop design thinking

Be positiv. Optimism. We are changing the world


Be receptive to, sensitive to, react to, flexible to, symphatic

Design for who?

Papanek. How do it relate, and how is the relationshop

Definition of design


Design as intension (the purpose)

Design as social action

Good design start by asking the right question.

Design is visual journalism.
To know and learn as a designer

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